Swim Club


The Mayfield Marlins Swimming Club is an affordable community-based, amateur swimming club that welcomes school-aged children of all swimming abilities. Families enjoy a supportive and social atmosphere whereby Club nights promote self-improvement and active children.

Location & Facilities


Mayfield Marlins use the pool facilities located at Mayfield State School on Paget Street, Carina. The Swimming Club is not restrictive in it’s attendance, and any school-aged swimmer from the local area is able to register and attend.

The Mayfield Marlins proactively engage in the upgrades of the facilities within the Pool Precinct, and have, over the years, supplied such fantastic facilities as solar-powered pool heating, a covered grandstand, hot water showers, BBQ, canteen facilities, clubhouse and a digital scoreboard.

The Mayfield Marlins pool is a 25m pool that is heated for our swimmer's comfort.


These facilities are lovingly maintained by both Mayfield State Primary School and the Mayfield Marlins Swimming Club to the benefit of our swimmers and community.



The mission of the Mayfield Marlins is to “encourage the love of the sport of swimming within our community”.


It is in support of this mission that the Mayfield Marlins encourage swimmers to be taught or coached to learn about the sport of swimming in a supportive and skilled environment.