Contact Details


       Mayfield Marlins Swimming Club

       C/- Mayfield State School,

       Paget Street, Carina QLD 4152





    Committee − 2020/2021 Season 

      Executive Roles

      President - Matthew Hodson

      Vice President - Julian Wiggins

      Secretary - Odette Wiggins

      Treasurer - Brooke Sinclair


     Committee Roles

      Announcer -  Jillian Newton

      Canteen Coordinator - Anita Hodson

      Carnival Coordinators - Katy Davis

      Chief Recorders - Andrew Dodds and Michael Brook

      Chief Timekeeper - Andrew Drabsch

      eNewsletters/Facebook - Lauren Lambert

      First Aid - Caitlin Guarna

      Fundraising / Sponsorship - Matthew Hodson

      Marshalling - Damian Lewis and Mary-Ann Kissane

      Merchandise - Rebekah Martin

      Photographer - Rachel Espinar

      Registrar - Kris Drabsch

      Starter - Richard Eggins

      Trophy Coordinator - Sharon Noble

      Trophy Night Coordinators - Anita Hodson and Katy Davis

      Our Club acknowledges the continued hard work of our committee, fellow parents for their volunteering, the generosity          of our sponsors, local and state members, Mayfield Swim School and our host Mayfield State School. As this level of              support  continues, it strengthens the Mayfield Marlins as an amazing community asset that we collectively should be

      proud of. 

      Matthew Hodson